Alethea Maguire-Cruz


About Alethea Maguire-Cruz

From a family of New York artists, Alethea Maguire-Cruz connects Hudson River, Barbizon and Hague School traditions, bringing into her landscape paintings the remains of drawing and printmaking strata. In her work edges are obscured between evaporating haze, shifting spatial meridians and occasional microbursts of color.

Having completed her MFA in 1995, at the University of Delaware, she has become a college educator, traveling between northern states such as DE, WY, NJ and NY, returning to the Hudson Valley after a decade in Michigan. Her curricula and research in art, design, digital filmmaking/animation, history and travel study, often lend themselves to her studio practice.

As a fine artist she has exhibited in galleries and museums such as the Peck Gallery in WY, the Scarab Club, Hankins Gallery, Paperworks Gallery, Ford Gallery, Saginaw Art Museum in MI, Mistretta Galleries, Trillium Gallery, Contemporary Art Network/Artifact in NY, and has also exhibited in South America, the Netherlands and Greece, with work in international private and public collections.

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