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TEACUP SECRETS  pairs photographs of antique teacups with old family snapshots to explore the dysfunction, tragedy, joy, and triumph of family and bear witness to what has passed. It’s inspired by the complex relationships that define each of us. Fine Art prints from Teacup Secrets can be ordered through the Teacup Secrets page.

Paperback, 46 pages, $30.00
Hardcover, $45.00




EAST END STORIES  is a photo essay featuring people who live and work in the East end of Newburgh, NY, within the area where the FBI conducted a major gang takedown in May 2010. The series is intended to collectively show the love, pain, hope, and resilience that lives there. The portraits and candid images feature people who are both direct and passive victims of gang violence; people who are providing art, academic, and athletic programs for the city’s youth; religious leaders of the community who are working hard to provide both physical and spiritual refuge; business owners who are trying to keep commerce in Newburgh; and finally, people who simply call it home.

86 pages, $20.00



ETHICS: A GRAPHIC DESIGNER’S FIELD GUIDE is a handbook comprised of three sections: 1. Legalities 2. Integrity 3. Morality. Each section contains an overview of the ethical issues that can be seen through that lens along with case studies. There are questions at the end of each section for discussion and a list of relevant resources.

62 pages, $15.00