Patricia MacAVery

Landscape Paintings

Patricia MacAvery is a native of the Hudson River town of Beacon, New York, and a largely self-taught painter. Her work has been exhibited in a number of New York galleries as well as in Washington, DC, and Cincinnati, Ohio. Of her work, Ms. MacAvery says,

“I have been influenced by countless artists, but the metaphysical style of painting that flourished mainly between 1911 and 1920 in the works of the Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico has been an especially important one for me. De Chirico’s dreamlike works with with their vaguely threatening, mysterious quality, struck a chord within me.

In my paintings, I am reaching for a sense of dislocation between present and future and the relationship between the viewer and the space he or she inhabits in the painting. Unnaturally sharp contrasts of light and shadow add an enigmatic, unsettling feeling to the scene.”